My first blog post of 2014…

This adventure, my Consulting business started in March 2013, since then I have been trying to find the “magic” balance between work and life…

No, I don’t want to start another article or debate about the whole work/life balance mess, I am actually fatigued by the whole issue. I don’t understand why or how women have set up unrealistic expectations about themselves: We have become a generation desperate to be perfect wives, mothers, and professionals—Tiger Moms who prepare organic quinoa each evening after waltzing home from the IPO in our Manolo Blahnik heels. A woman cannot work a 60-hour-per-week job and be the same kind of parent she would have been without the 60-hour-per-week job. No man can do this; no human can do this. Yet women are repeatedly berating themselves for failing at this kind of balancing act.
Let’s liberate ourselves, do what works for you, for your family and let’s give our selves a break and reminders, lots of reminders: we don’t have to do it all, and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Life is messy, embrace it. Do what you love as best as you can, surround yourself with good friends, ask for help when needed, be determined and always, always follow your passion! Cheers to a successful 2014!


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