Winter, winter

Almost in mid-February, with a forecast of 15 cms of snow expected to fall in the next few hours.

I got up and planned to stay in my pj’s …just to find out the schools are up and running.

As I got ready to tackle the day, my kids were getting their snow suits ready, laughing and anxiously waiting for breakfast. They were so thrilled to start their day. This got me thinking.

As adults, we kind of lose that spark, the way kids see life. They don’t see the hassle of driving on this conditions, the hassle of a snow fall. They just see the opportunity to have fun!
I was reminded then, that we must not loose that sparkle, we have to find the fun in every single thing, despite the situation, the weather, the time. Life is now…let’s be like kids again!

(I have a meeting at 10:00 AM and I go to get some make-up on! Happy snow day!)



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