Earlier on the week I read somewhere that love, trust and consideration are the key to a happy marriage.

Guess what? I couldn’t agree more.

This past week was “one-of-those-weeks”, you know, one of those that we all have at one point.
Things go wrong at work, the kids go wild at home and your patience starts to wear off.

Saturday comes, which is the day I do laundry and house chores. And well, I have to say that I can not complain about my husband, he is so helpful and does a lot around the house and with the kids.

But today, today I just wanted a break, I wanted to be alone, but I didn’t say anything. However somehow, my husband just got the girls ready and took them to visit their Nonno and get some pizza for dinner. Guess what? I had 4 hours to myself. Got laundry done, got some work done, got the kitchen cleaned, took a nap, watched the winter Olympics and even had a chat with my Mom over the phone. I got rest, a moment of silent, yes, still some house work but, I got it done on my own, on my own time and pace.
That, my friends is consideration, I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful partner, a true team player. Someone who knows how I feel and knows what I need, even when I don’t say anything. And with next week being Valentine’s week this post never felt so right.


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