GetInspired, Gentle Marketing and more!

Back in March, the Small Business Enterprise Centre of Brampton,  hosted “GetInspired” an event for female entrepreneurs, celebrating the International Women Day.

The keynote speaker was Chala Dincoy, from Coachtactics, who discussed personal branding and the importance of determining your niche market. At the end of the event it was my pleasure to have a brief chat with Chala and I got the opportunity to get a copy of her book, which I highly recommend for Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs and Start-ups. I found Chala’s approach to Marketing so simple. Yet, quite often we forget that we don’t have to spend a lot of money on Marketing campaigns, but get back to the simple approach, like target your best customers, clarify your niche and plan ongoing marketing activities (networking, attending seminars, etc.). But what I appreciated the most is the fact that Chala’s ideas don’t come across as “pushy” or annoying…great read, highly recommended.

Here are some interesting links:
GetInspired, SBEC Brampton





I don’t know about you, but I feel like this year is just flying!
Last week was busy with lots of exciting events. International Women Day was the highlight of the week and then, follows March Break.

On March 8, 2014 we celebrated International Women’s Day, it has been observed since the early 1900s.
That was a time of great unrest and debate among women, as they struggled against inequality and oppression.

The first time the day was officially observed was in 1909, when it was celebrated on the last Sunday in February.

The United Nations launched a new campaign ahead of the 2014 International Women’s Day, called

It calls for men to help bring about the reduction of discrimination against women. Prominent men such as actors Matt Damon and Antonio Banderas; and United Nations Chief Ban Ki-Moon recorded videos for the campaign.

“It’s an objective fact, that if you want to solve some of these huge, kind of bigger problems of extreme poverty, you have to include the women,” said Damon, who has also founded, a non-profit group that provides access to safe water and sanitation in Africa, south Asia, and Central America. “They’re the ones who will get it done.”

“This is a moment when we review past achievements and look ahead to the challenges that remain, as well as to untapped potential and opportunities. In moving forward, we must ensure that women’s empowerment and gender equality stand at the heart of all of our work to craft a better future.”

But aside of all, I personally would like to remind us that, every single woman, fighting their own battle, whether as a stay at home mom, work at home mom, professional, CEO, every woman, is at the end , the architect of the society. We have the power to create, nurture and transform and that, that is worth more than one day in the calendar. All my respect to the women in my life, those who inspire me, educated me, my friends and family….Love you all!

I will be talking a little bit about the events I attended on my next posts! Thank you for reading!


Earlier on the week I read somewhere that love, trust and consideration are the key to a happy marriage.

Guess what? I couldn’t agree more.

This past week was “one-of-those-weeks”, you know, one of those that we all have at one point.
Things go wrong at work, the kids go wild at home and your patience starts to wear off.

Saturday comes, which is the day I do laundry and house chores. And well, I have to say that I can not complain about my husband, he is so helpful and does a lot around the house and with the kids.

But today, today I just wanted a break, I wanted to be alone, but I didn’t say anything. However somehow, my husband just got the girls ready and took them to visit their Nonno and get some pizza for dinner. Guess what? I had 4 hours to myself. Got laundry done, got some work done, got the kitchen cleaned, took a nap, watched the winter Olympics and even had a chat with my Mom over the phone. I got rest, a moment of silent, yes, still some house work but, I got it done on my own, on my own time and pace.
That, my friends is consideration, I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful partner, a true team player. Someone who knows how I feel and knows what I need, even when I don’t say anything. And with next week being Valentine’s week this post never felt so right.