What are the plans for the weekend?

I have to admit: before moving to Canada, Winter Olympics for me, was just a second to non-important issue, only a filler on the news.

Fast-forward the years and now, married to a Canadian guy and raising 3 girls, I have been “forced” to learn (curling? is that a sport?) and I actually see myself enjoying winter Olympics. So, our plans for the weekend are to watch and cheer for the Canadian team. My girls get a kick of it. We turn on the TV, eat popcorn and chocolate, watch the sport and answer the million questions they have. The thing is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, you don’t necessarily have to drive and go to a special place. Sometimes staying home, junk food and TV are the best way to enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your family and go from there.

I will leave you this link with tips on an effort to live frugally. I hope you find it helpful, as much as I did.